Sonar Tritech Gemini 720i per ROV

The Tritech Gemini 720i sonar provides real-time, crisp imagery of the underwater scene ahead, making Gemini the ideal technology for subsea sonar vision for obstacle avoidance or search & rescue (SAR) operations.
The sonar head weighs just over 1 kg in water and is designed to be easily integrated onto the ROV platform. It features a 720kHz operating frequency, a 120º field of view (FOV), and state of the art processing electronics, including an integrated sound velocity sensor which assists in providing the sharpest image possible with accurate ranging. The Gemini 720i is also supplied with Gemini’s standalone software that works alongside the ROV Cockpit software.
Typical VideoRay ROV / Gemini sonar applications are:
ROV navigation
Search & Rescue (SAR)
Obstacle avoidance
Target recognition
Salvage operations
Subsea monitoring & inspection

Sonar Head Dimensions: 22.8 x 11 cm (9 x 4.3 in)
Maximum Sonar Range: 120 m (395 ft)
Vertical Beam Width: 1° x 20°
Depth Rating: 300 m (984 ft)


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