ROV Mission Specialist Defender

The VideoRay Mission Specialist Series (MSS) Remotely Operated Vehicle Systems are customizable and flexible platforms that use a system of interchangeable, modular components communicating through a single intelligent network. The topology of the Mission Specialist Series ROV systems provides a flexible and customizable platform which can be easily adapted to target specific missions. The philosophy behind the MSS is fitting each system to the sensors, tools, depth rating, and thrust needed for the job at hand, rather than retrofit accessories to a standard ROV.

VideoRay MSS ROV modules include cameras with a wide range of resolutions, LED lighting, powerful thrusters capable of up to one horsepower operation, power systems ranging from 75 Volts to 1600 Volts as well as an on-board battery option, different manipulators, positioning and sensors for radiation, water quality, and metal thickness, imaging and multibeam sonars, and a purpose-built frame customized around the payload requirements of the operator’s chosen sensor and tooling package.

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