CT4004 LED

A high quality inspection light for proving illumination to underwater imaging and video systems.

1000m depth rating
5 element high output LED array
Video optimised light pattern
Wide angle beamFrosted lens to diffuse light
Typical luminous flux 600 lumens
Typical colour temperature 6100°K
Operating life 50,000 hours

The model CT4003 light projects a soft wide angled white light, producing an even illumination to adequately cover the angle of view for C-Tecnics cameras.

Utilizing one of the latest LED arrays the lamp produces a high light output for minimal power input. It is very rugged having no delicate lamp fi laments and is “over temperature” protected.

The CT4003 light is also suitable for general underwater illumination including ROV’s, diver’s helmet and handheld cameras. The light can also be supplied with a clamped acrylic v-block and bracket for attachment to standard dive helmets and masks

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