iRov Underwater Services represent the leading technology providers on the market. Our product range is:

  • Rov (mini rov, inspection class rov, electrical light work class rov, work class rov).
  • Rov LARS system, Rov tethers, Rov TMS systems, Rov tools (manipulators hydraulic tools).
  • Sonar (multi beam, side scan sonar, bathymetric systems, sub bottom profilers), underwater cameras and lights (full ocean depth range), acoustic underwater positioning systems, metrology devices, navigation softwares.
  • Professional diving equipment ( helmets, divers cameras and lights, diver umbilicals, deco chambers, compressors, air panels etc).

iRov Underwater Services understand the importance of after sales service, and offer full support on all of our products.
If you have any technical enquiries then a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

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