iRov obtains ISO 9001: 2008 Certification

CONEGLIANO – On October 12, 2016, iRov announced that its quality management and quality control process, after a complete revision, has been certified according to the standard rigidities of the International Standard Organization 9001: 2008. Certification covers the entire sales process. While much of the management and control procedures were already in place, changes and improvements were made to formalization, management and control of documentation. The audit process has helped improve management throughout all sales phases, from first contact with potential customer to after-sales service. Systems that iRov commercialize are resistant and subjected to multiple tests and are produced by companies, in turn, certified ISO 9001: 2008. For iRov, quality expresses the level of correspondence between the customer’s expectations and the product / service offered: if the customer’s expectations and the products / services overlap, then these products / services will qualify as “quality”. Customer is the mirror of quality, because performance levels and compliance are set by the customers themselves, and only customers can evaluate the quality level.

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