About iRov

Founded in 2006, iRov collaborates with Salvage Companies, the Oil & Gas Industry, Universities and Public Administrations.

In 2011 iRov became ROV Contractor Member of IMCA (International Marine Contractor Association).
In 2013, the Company was also accepted as an ISU (International Salvage Union) Associated Member.

In order to provide the best solution to client’s needs, iRov has established the following departments:

  • Supply of Underwater Equipment
  • Inspections Services and ROVs operations
  • Training Division

The company has long-standing experience in the following markets:

  • Salvage
  • Military
  • Naval
  • Civil Engineering
  • Port Security
  • Oceanography
  • Video Surveillance
  • Oil & Gas


iRov prides itself on the quality of its services and products, taking the time to fully understand its Clients needs, individually tailoring its services to their specifications, and continuing to evolve its ROV’s based on these needs.
The company remains focused on the consistent provision of highly reliable, time and cost effective solutions, using cutting edge technology for every subsea services demanded by the Salvage, Offshore and Oil & Gas Industries.
iRov is a highly EFFICIENT company with rapid response time and solutions to Client’s requirements.
iRov ensures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week logistical and technical ASSISTANCE to the ongoing offshore operations.
iRov is fully COMMITTED to its Clients. Its management is constantly involved in operations interfacing directly with the Client in real time.
iRov cultivates INDIVIDUAL relations with each Client, placing emphasis on fully understanding their needs and business objectives, and tailoring its services to meet and compliment Clients’ specific needs.



iRov is the Italian market-leader in providing Underwater Technical Equipment.

The company also offers training, aftersales customer service, maintenance and repair.

The product range includes:
Rov (Mini Rov, Inspection Class, Electrical Light Work Class Rov, Work Class Rov)
Rov LARS System
Rov Tethers
Rov TMS systems
Rov Tools (Manipulators, Hydraulic Tools)
Sonar (Multi Beam, Side Scan Sonar, Bathymetric Systems, Sub Bottom Profilers)
Underwater Cameras and Lights (Full Ocean Depth Range)
Acoustic Underwater Positioning Systems
Metrology Devices
Navigation Softwares
Professional Diving Equipment (helmets, divers cameras and lights, diver umbilicals, deco
chambers, compressors, air panels etc)

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